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Welcome to Lisales Enterprises, Inc.

Protecting Your Financial Interests

Lisales Enterprises, Inc. has been providing our clients in Atlanta, Illinois, Indiana, California, and Wisconsin area with first-class Insurance services with A rated companies since 2019. We will assist and educate you on taking care of all of your financial needs, so your family does not have to worry about high end expenses death can bring. Our services assists you in focusing on the rest of your life and can ultimately enhance your finances. We are here for you in life and in death.  We can assist you with plans you can use and maximize on while you live.   The best way to stay on top of life is to practice safety and preparation. That's our job to help you do just that!

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Be Safe... Stay Prepared!

Lisales Enterprises, Inc. has been providing clients personalized insurance and retirement services throughout Atlanta, California, Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin since 2019. Our licensed Insurance training and expansive financial knowledge is equipped to handle all of your life needs no matter how complex. We show you the benefits of using our plans while you live.

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